I develop immersive web experiences, for a growing client base of global brands and personalities.

I design and produce high-level websites for a growing client base of global brands and personalities. My work is based on a design approach that adheres to the calm Nordic simplicity pivoting around intense, friendly and inter-connected functionality.

To help you and your organization achieve stated business objectives, I engage in the early phases analytically identifying the opportunities for your brand to excel in the digital space. Acknowledging the importance of having a strong, well directed current digital brand, I help you translate your physical brands visual language into a fully fledged User Experience ( UX ).

Finally, I proceed to deliver the finalized product in the form of beautiful code development according to industry standards.

- Lean back and expect awesomeness in every pixel.

Analysis and strategy

To achieve the stated business objectives, a sturdy digital solution spurs from a transparent strategy communicating at the level of users.

User Experience ( UX )

I design the experience at the relevant depth level, translating your physical brand’s visual language to an immersive digital experience.

Beautiful code development

I develop the User Experience ( UX ) in the form of beautiful code written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, according to industry standards.


I was one of the first top 3% design talents to be admitted to Toptal. The San Francisco based Unicorn provides companies with elite software engineers and developer teams on a remote full- or part-time basis. The talent pool is rigorously tested and curated by a team of highly acclaimed engineers.

Everyone at Toptal is a senior developer. There are Toptalers from MIT, CERN, and Google - typically less than 3% of applicants are accepted. Toptal's client list holds fortune 500 brands as Axel Springer, AirBnB, Gucci, JP Morgan and ZenDesk.

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I have sought to create a broad spectred competency profile with a demonstrated ability to engage with complex learning curves, allowing me to attain the crucial knowledge skill set, required to deliver high level web solutions to a global group of clients.

As web technologies essentially are created by online communities, all core documentation setting the industry standards, and synthesized revisions can be found online. Intensive studies and networking in these digital communities have brought me to the current level of sophistication.

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